iBackup Icon Restore data
Restore data using iBackup

Quit all applications for which you want to restore settings (if you select the source folder Applications Settings or System Settings

2. Open iBackup
3. Choose the Restore profile

Click on the yellow folder icon right to the destination folder column in iBackup's mainwindow amd select the backup folder from where you want to restore data

5. Click on any source folder in the left table view, and select the items you want to restore in the right table view
6 Click the button Restore now

An alert warns you that the restore will override the selected items on the system. This prevents you from making mistakes and any inadvertent automatically executed restore.

8. The progress bar window appears until the restore has finished
  Note: To make the restore of System Settings effective, restart your Mac
Manual restore

You can also restore the data manually:

1. Open the backup folder from where you want to restore the data
2. Choose the data you want to restore and drag and drop the files and folders in Finder to the place they belong
2. To restore System Settings and Application Settings, you must open a plugin to see where the items belong to. To do so, double click a plugin in iBackup's Preferences window tab plugins, or in the folder ~/Library/Application Support/iBackup/System Settings and ~/Library/Application Support/iBackup/Applications Settings