iBackup Icon FAQ
Known issues related to operating system
  10.8.x, 10.9.x - If you get an error opening the latest version of iBackup in Mountain Lion OS 10.8.x or 10.9.x saying it's from an unidentified developer
  Open System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> tab General
Set Allow applications downloaded from: Everywhere
Install it and change the system settings back to original or follow these instructions: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5290
  Keychain Scripting.app seems not to be available on 10.7.
Issue: if you specify the administrator password in iBackup, iBackup tries to save it in the Keychain Scripting.app. As this is not available in 10.7 the error is thrown. iBackup 7.4 or later doesn't allow you to set an administrator password.
Workaround for 7.3.2 or earlier: remove the admin password in iBackup -> Preferences -> tab General

  Profiles can't be renamed
  Buttons in preferences and settings don't show borders
  Add afp:// for Mac or smb:// for Windows server to the address. Example afp://
  10.2.x is not supported
How to uninstall iBackup
1. Delete ~/Library/Preferences/ch.grapefruit.iBackup.plist
2.Delete ~/Library/Application Support/iBackup
3. Open Keychain Access (Applications -> Utilities) and delete the item "iBackup" (if it has one)
4. Run the command "crontab -r" in /Applications/Utilities/Terminal.app
How to reset iBackup
1. Delete ~/Library/Preferences/ch.grapefruit.iBackup.plist
2.Delete ~/Library/Application Support/iBackup
3. Open Keychain Access (Applications -> Utilities) and delete the item "iBackup" (if it has one)
4. Download and reinstall the newest version of iBackup
The main window isn't displayed

Note: use a editor like Property List Editor which is included in the developer package on your OS X bundle or a similar one that could be found as freeware on the web (like Pref Setter)

>Open the file ~/Library/Preferences/ch.grapefruit.iBackup.plist and set the value of item "Set Bounds" to false
DITTO Permission Denied Error
  This error occurs when iBackup tries to backup data and you don't have the privileges
Note: even if you're the administrator you don't have administrator privileges, this is why you have sometimes to type in your administrator password
Use this option only if you get error messages like "Permission denied"
>You could force iBackup to use the admin password. Set the administrator password in iBackup's Preferences
RSYNC chgrp Error
  Often occurrs when backing up to a server, just change the rsync command from '-avE' to '-rlptoDvE' (as -a does -rlptgoD) as the group setting gives the error.
AppleScript Error
> Reset iBackup (see topic 1 for procedure).
iBackup is deleting and copying all files when backing up to a SMB (Windows) server even they haven't been modified
  Happens if you're backing up to a SMB/CIFS (Windows) server or FAT32, NTFS formated disks
This is not a iBackup specific bug, it's a known bug by Apple: "After further investigation it has been determined that this is a known issue, which is currently being investigated by engineering" (The Bug Reporting Team, Apple Developer Connection)
>Use the option 'Backup to Windows' in the UNIX tab of the Settings menu
Backup failure when trying to back up files (located on a windows 2003 server) which had spotlight comments in their info dialog box
  Changing the backup Profile's UNIX preferences to "Rsync for every backup" clears up this issue and back up everything, including spotlight commented files.
Invisible files in the backup folder

This could happen if your external disk uses a special format, e.g. EXT3. The invisible flag is set to true (I have no clue why, but is not an iBackup related issue, it's a copy issue: link)

>You can use an utility like File Buddy or you install the Developer Tools and run the command '/Developer/Tools/SetFile -a v /filePath/fileName' in Terminal.app
Local hard disk space is gone
> see here
Error on second backup
  iBackup uses the UNIX command ditto for the first backup and rsync for the following
>Open the Profile Settings menu and chose the option "Use ditto for every backup"
iBackup is asking to restore data after starting up
  This may happen if you downgrade to an earlier version of iBackup.
>To resolve this issue open /Applicvations/Utilities/Terminal.app and type 'crontab -r', then hit Enter
The progress indicator stops for a while, then continues

Backup is not able to show the progress while checking files using the UNIX command rsync, that's why it isn't updating the progress bar.
When the item is checked for modification (and if required copied), the progress indicator is updated